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Owners – Want Realtors Attention? Here is a way to get on the MLS.

Why don’t Realtors like For Sale By Owner FSBO Sellers?  Is it because they are not using a Realtor?  NO   

As a Realtor Broker, I was asked this question in an internet forum.  I think generally this so-called “backlash” is because owners are making it more difficult for Realtors to work with them by not being on the MLS.  Realtors work for their buyers and want to find them the best deal.  But working with a FSBO leaves a few problems. 

1.  You can’t be isolated.  You need to be where the Realtors are looking for their clients – the MLS.  Buyers become accustomed to this and it’s properties and searches and communication tools make it an essential ingredient for both the buyer and their broker.  With so much inventory on the market, just a sign in the yard is not enough.  If you are not in the MLS – you will be likely be ignored by buyers and their agents.

2.  Show me the money.  To be fair – everyone needs to be paid for their services.  Sometimes Realtors find it difficult to deal with “by owners” because they are not sure they will get paid.  The MLS offers the certainty of commission. 

3.  Buyer Broker’s work for the Buyer.  Brokers are professionals.  They know the forms, laws and rules.  When they are dealing with a seller owner, they can’t help or represent them, they need to represent the buyer.  Sometimes that makes brokers feel uncomfortable dealing with owners.

SO – If you want to sell your own home and minimize your commission – how do you resolve these problems and get REALTOR attention?

RE Marketing Consultants is offering For Sale By Owner sellers a way to get everything and still keep commission costs down.  Our new Owner Choice Program allows owners to select the services they want.  Just want to be on the MLS?  Want help with the paperwork and negotiating?  With this program – owner sellers can select the services and the prices they want or need now or add to it later, when needed.  RE Marketing wants to make the process easy for everyone.  The market is tough.  We can work to together to make it a WIN, WIN for buyers and sellers. 

Call us at 888-788-9544 or check our website for more information.