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Selling Your Home with Less Stress

Selling your home can be a bit of a roller coaster. It can be a hurry, then wait, then hurry proposition. Having a plan in place and proactive preparation can make the whole process much less stressful and easier on your family.

You hurry to get on the market, then wait for a buyer, then when for their approval, then hurry to pack and move. Buyers take about 30-45 days to get loan approval. But until their loan is approved, nothing is certain. The reality is you will have 1-2 weeks notice to move. This timetable can be very difficult. Here is a plan to make everything easier.

Start the Purge Right Away – Clutter and accumulated belongings can be a big deterrent to buyers. For better showing of closets, basements and garages, as well as other parts of the home, it is best to start the purge as soon as you decide to sell. It will also make packing easier when you do sell.

Take one room at a time. Identify what you use, what you need and what you want to keep. Everything else can be given away to friends and family, charities or thrown away. Remember, you pay movers by the hour and pay for trucks by the size and trip. Everything you don’t move, saves on the cost of your move.

Next, take anything you want to keep but don’t use and put it in boxes. It would be best to store off site at someone’s house or in a storage unit. Otherwise, store them neatly in a basement or garage, as long as they don’t distract buyers during showings.

And speaking of packing…due to the tight timelines and approvals in moving after you are under contract, it is best to start packing little by little each week you are on the market. Start with things you never use. Seasonal decorations, off-season clothing, collections, all can be sorted and boxed at your leisure.

When you are done, everything you need should be ready to packed up and move in 1-2 weeks when you know the deal is done. Doing things a little bit at a time makes it a lot less stressful.

Where to Go – Have a plan on where you should live after closing. When you get a contract, you will have 30-45 days to move and only about two weeks notice to find out it is a done deal, so you should know whether you are going to rent, stay with friends/family or try to move into something right away.