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What should I do to sell my home? Top Home buyer turn offs

2123cedar_020 smAfter getting rid of clutter, the second thing most sellers ask their Realtor when selling a home is what do I need to do to make my house more appealing to buyers and sell my home quicker and for more money? There are variations in the rules, but here are the top things buyers do not like to see when selling a home.

Here are a few don’ts for selling a home and some quick and inexpensive fixes that will likely appeal to the range of buyers.

Paneling….Other than traveling through time back to the 70’s – no one wants to see paneling. It sets a certain idea of (grandma’s house) or the past into buyer’s minds. You can remove it, but depending on the listing price of selling your home, you may want to go with the alternative. Paint it a rich neutral color. Carmels and Camels are usually the best. Or you can choose a bolder trendy color. Check the paint store websites for those – they can help.

Wallpaper….Yesterday’s treasure is today’s trash. Lately, everyone loves to hate wallpaper. Mostly it is the work it takes to get wallpaper off. Sometimes on an accent wall (one wall in a room) it can be appealing. But the rule of thumb is get rid of it to sell your home!!!

Polished Brass…You know what brass rhymes with…. GOLD IS OLD. It is dated, no one wants it. Light fixtures, cabinet handles, plumbing fixtures (faucets), door knobs and handles can be easy even DYI fixes and can reap rewards. Bronze and nickel are the in style if you want your home to sell.

Peeling paint on outside…many loans will require it be fixed anyway, as will any municipalities who do inspections. Unless it is winter or cold – scrape and paint it. A little elbow grease will pay off in the end. And speaking of DYI, clean lines and corners and non streaky or globs in the paint inside and out is always preferable. A sloppy paint job is a turn off and can prevent selling your home.

Old, stained or Worn Carpeting…if your carpeting ever saw any disco dancing, put it out of its misery. Near the holidays at the end of the year, discounts on carpeting and installation are often available. If you can’t replace, then by all means – have it professionally steam cleaned.

Older cabinets, especially laminate cabinets…are a big turn off. There are a lot of alternatives to new cabinetry. There are great refinishers out there even for laminate cabinets. Or if your only crime is honey oak cabinets, sometimes having a professional painter glaze them is a quick and trendy fix. Even the right tile backsplash can neutralize an outdated cabinet finish.

Over grown exterior. Most of the time this is the easiest of all. Get rid of the gnomes and personal signs or funny sayings or scale way back. There is a fine line between cute and really? But mostly, trim everything back, so people can see the house not the bushes. Plant some flowers or get some inexpensive flower boxes for extra appeal.

Repairs…get out the honey do list and make sure you check every item complete. Outlet covers, loose closet doors or handles, drawers that don’t open, cabinets that don’t close. Don’t give buyers a reason to imagine what else is wrong – you want to sell your home.

DIRTY MESSY HOUSE… The worst offender. I once had a seller who refused to pick up his underwear for showings. Talk about a turn off. No excuse. Clean is King and dust dirt and grime will have them running out the door. Before putting on the market, if cleaning is not your bag, pop for a one time cleaning lady to get you started. Then all you have to do is maintain.

Remember, you want your home to sell and it must be appealing to buyers. You also want the condition and appeal of the home to equal the asking price for selling your home. Let’s face it, Pinterest and HGTV have spoiled everyone. Buyers want HGTV houses when buying a home. But you need to be cautious. Too many upgrades may not get you the price you want. But too few upgrades may not get you any buyers and will not sell your home. You need to consult your Realtor to know your market and what you home will appraise at and be valued by buyers so you know how much to do. If all else fails remember – kitchens and baths sell your home.