The Best Homes for Super Bowl Entertaining

Super bowl is said to be one of the biggest entertainment and gathering events of the year. No other event pits the challenges of food and television more to a host. So, when I am showing a house, I often look at the spaces in the “how can I entertain in this house.” Because even if you don’t entertain, the same principals often apply to everyday use. So here is my criteria for the perfect Super Bowl entertaining house.

1. Space. Space is a given for most entertaining. The more space you have in a kitchen, the more food you can put out and the easier it is for people to “graze” for several hours. This is true of any entertaining and gathering event like holidays and special occasions where you host family and friends.

But coupled with a television event, you also need seating and gathering space for a lot of people to hover around the biggest screen. Space is important and in this case, bigger is better.

2. Open areas. When hosting, it is extremely helpful to have open gathering spaces where people can move and mingle between food and conversation easily. Open floor plans between the kitchen and family room help facilitate ease of not missing out on either snacks or the TV main event. And when even the commercials are important, an open floor plan can mean you don’t miss a minute.

3. Kitchen Island. Kitchen islands are a great invention. They add counter and storage space, can double as a table or snack counter, can elevate small hands and eyes when baking, can be a table for homework. The benefits are endless. But when hosting a food gathering, they can be the main event. The kitchen island can be the place where the food goes. With four accessible sides, it is easy to move around and create your plate or just pop in to snitch something. It also frees your other counterspace for preparation and isolates more of the mess to certain areas.

Sometimes basements are a great space for all this, but family room kitchen combo seem to be the preference. It has everything, your main cooking space, natural light and access to the door for guest coming and going. This house for sale pictured at 648 Larkspur in Matteson, Illinois shows the perfect set up for a great Super Bowl party.

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